Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shark Experience?

Put simply, Shark Experience is a premium media platform that delivers connectivity and content to a golfer through a screen on a golf cart.

Leveraging Verizon’s 4G LTE network technology, the connected golf cars (exclusive to Club Car) include HD touchscreen displays and built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity to provide golfers the opportunity to enhance their golf experience.

Features of the platform include GPS yardages, hole flyovers, music via streaming radio or Bluetooth, real-time sports ticker, live and on-demand sports including PGA TOUR, news and Greg Norman golf tips.

When Will Shark Experience Be Available?

Shark Experience launched in March 2018 and is rolling out at courses across the US. Check our “Locations” to see if there is a Shark Experience course near you. You can also check with your local course and stay connected with us for updates on new installations!

What Content Can I Listen To And Watch On Shark Experience?

You’ll be able to listen to music through TuneIn’s live streaming radio or your favorite playlist on your phone via Bluetooth connection to high quality speakers built in to the golf car.

The PGA TOUR contributes Live and On-Demand coverage from more than 30 TOUR events via PGA TOUR Live, as well as all weekend telecasts produced by CBS and NBC Sports.

You can also stay up-to-date with the latest sports scores and highlights and TuneIn offers live play-by-play games from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and over 140 college sports teams.

A variety news programming is also available.

What Else Can Shark Experience Do?

Shark Experience has several golf game improvement features including dynamic yardages and flyovers on every hole through high precision GPS technology as well as Greg Norman’s golf tip videos.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some golf courses will include Shark Experience at no cost. At other courses, you’ll be able to select between three content packages ranging from $5-10 per round.

What Are The Package Options?

Play Play & Listen Play, Listen & Watch

Golfer Experience

Bluetooth Speaker Access

Sports Ticker


Streaming Music

College Sports Network and Sports Radio

Professional Sports Leagues



PGA TOUR Pre-Recorded Shows

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! News

Yahoo! Finance

Greg Norman Tips

Am I Able To Try It Out Before I Decide If I Want To Purchase?

Yes! The first hole will be free so that you can check out all the features Shark Experience has to offer. Then, when you arrive at the tee box of the 2nd hole, you can choose to pay for the remainder of your round or opt-out.

How Do I Purchase The Shark Experience?

The easiest way to purchase Shark Experience is through our mobile app available for both iOS and Android. Simply download the free app, create a profile and use it to purchase or upgrade your package next time you are at the course.

If you don’t have the app, you can provide your credit card when you check-in at the Pro Shop. Just like a hotel, nothing will be charged unless you use it.

How Will I See How Much Charged To My Card?

When your round is complete, a copy of your final bill will be texted to your cell phone.

Can I Keep Score On The System?

Yes, Shark Experience is equipped with an interactive scorecard.

Who Do I Contact During The Round If I Have A Question Or Challenge?

To request a new car or display unit, please contact the golf shop.

What If I Have Additional Questions Or Feedback About Shark Experience?

We’d love to hear any and all questions and feedback – email us at info@sharkexperience.com.

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